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Goodbye Mr Chips repairs these fixtures:

Tubs/showers: Typical damage includes chips, dents, scratches, spider cracks, or missing chunks.

Enamel sinks: Damage limited to small areas, including chips or dents. I do not recommend repairing chipped enamel sinks, as the repair will have a short lifespan.

Hardwood floors: No boards are removed or replaced. I use a hard wax melted into the damaged area. Colours custom mixed on site.

Vinyl windows:Common damage includes brad nail or bullet holes, burns, or missing chunks.

Cultured marble: Small chips can be repaired. Cracks around the drain can be sprayed, but will have a short lifespan. Hairline cracks cannot be repaired, as they will continue to grow.

Stainless steel sinks: Removal of scratches on the bottom.

Countertops: Repairing chips/dents to granite, formica, and cultured marble.

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